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Phonak Roger SoundField Systems



Phonak Roger Soundfield system is designed for classrooms to become more conducive to hearing and listening regardless of seating position of the student. With the combination of the Inspire microphone (Teacher's microphone), the Dynamic microphone (Student's), and the Digimaster 5000 or 7000 Line Array Speakers placed in the classroom, both the teacher and students voices are clearly heard during the teacher's lesson presentation.


To provide the best possible learning experience to schools, collages, trade schools and universities, the Phonak Roger Soundfield systems allow:

  • the Student to hear the Teacher's voice clearly from anywhere in the classroom.
  • Signal-to-noise ratio maintained for maximum voice clarity.
  • Student's listening and learning skills improve.
  • Less speaker repetition required.
  • Enhanced classroom  instruction and management.
  • Less Teacher voice strain.


The Phonak Roger Soundfield ushers in a new era in classroom amplification, solving today's soundfield issues by:

  • Industry-leading soundfield performance.
  • Fully automated settings.
  • Hassle-free integrations with Phonak's FM systems for hearing impaired children.

Eagle Eye One Solutions is extremely proud to be your Maritime sales and installation team for the Phonak Roger Soundfield. We would like the opportunity to demo a Phonak Roger Soundfield system in your classroom allowing you to hear the reward of the system, the ease of use, simple installation, media integration, and much more!

Please contact us for a demo today.